About Us

From the foothills of the Himalayian mountains we bring you Kashmirs’ finest street food to Liverpool

My story

From a very early age my passion for cooking was instilled into me.

My mum grew that passion within me. She always loved cooking and cooked her food from scratch.

I come from a very large family ( eight brothers and sisters ) it was all hands on deck at meal times. I remember at a very early age, no more than 10 or 11 years mastering the art of making chapattis.

I always had a passion for baking and remember having a huge volume of the Readers Digest Cookery Book in the late ’70’s and early ’80’s baking 321 biscuits, fairy cakes, thumb prints and much more.

My mum was a great ‘feeder’ and anyone who knew her during my teens and university life knew my mum and her cooking well, her door was always open.

Her recipes that were handed to her from her childhood in Kashmir have been a phenomenal influence on my cooking.

All my home cooked food is a blend of kashmiri, Indian and western influences and it works.