Traditional Home Cooked Take Away Food

Since opening a few months ago, we have made this many samosas for our customers

They were all good!!

Liverpool's FIRST authentic Pakistani & Kashmiri Street Food is HERE!

Welcome to Liverpools first authentic Kashmiri street food take-away.

Authentic halal food cooked just the way my mother made !

 Finally!! After a couple of years in  the pipeline we can proudly announce the opening of our Pakistani and Kashmiri street food takeout on Lodge Lane in Liverpool. Liverpool is an extremely multi-cultured city with a huge ethnicity including Pakistanis who emigrated in the mid 1950’s and made Liverpool what it is today.

Yet surprisingly there is no authentic Pakistani food served in any restaurant or takeout locally. I chose to call it Kashmiri street food as this represents the regional diversity of foods even within Pakistan. Kashmir is an area in North Pakistan which is where my parents originated.

The type of foods I have incorporated into the menu includes foods which until now would mean travelling  to our neighbouring towns and cities to enjoy. These include samosas, pakoras, spicy omlette wraps, all classic street foods sold by the street vendors in Pakistan & kashmir.

There are traditional halal curries which will change daily to tantalise your taste buds, all based on our traditional methods of cooking, served with the traditional chapattis, paranthas or pilau rice, as we would enjoy at home. I felt this was lacking and would have been an absolute travesty to have been excluded.

Kashmiri street food would not be complete without the classic street food, burgers. But not any old burgers! these will be filled with traditional delights of chapli kebabs, aloo tikki and who would have thought a pakora burger, well why not!!!

So please come and enjoy the home cooked street food experience!!!!


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He popped in to sample some of our delights and we thank him for his 4 start rating !!!! We hope to see you back again.

Fozia’s was the 45th review that he created and we hope that he carries on making new content.

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